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Avocado Powder

We extract maximum nutritional value from our fruit by dehydrating avocado flesh into a concentrated, clean label powder that’s naturally stable in secondary processing. 
Vacuum technology and sub-zero temperatures are combined in a process that turns ice crystals within the frozen avocado into vapour, which is then extracted. 
The powder retains its natural properties (structure, colour, flavour, nutrients) and can be stored at room temperature, unopened for 12+ months.

Avocados are an incredibly versatile complement to a wide range of ingredients: in taste, texture and functionality.

We have been working on a number of product applications, including ice cream, chocolate truffles, muesli bar, tortilla, chocolate flavoured breakfast drink and hummus. These processing methods extend to a wide variety of other categories and potential products. We’d like to share some of this research with you.

Avocados are one of the most nutrient-dense foods available – the only fruit containing protein, carbohydrates and fat. They are among the richest in fibre, folate, vitamin E, magnesium & potassium of any fruit.

There are a number of possible nutrient content claims that can be made for OVĀVO freeze-dried avocado powder under FSANZ regulations, including dietary fibre, potassium, vitamins B and E.

There are a wide range of positive health benefits linked to avocado consumption, attributed to their nutrient composition and the phytochemicals present, including carotenoids, phenolics, and phytosterols.

Numerous studies, supported by strong scientific research, extend to digestive, brain, metabolism, immune, hormonal, cell & tissue, bone & joint, antioxidant, energy, weight management and heart health.

Our team of food scientists are on-hand to answer any questions you have about OVĀVO powder, or for help customising to your specific requirements in secondary processing.

We are passionate about harnessing & sharing the extraordinary health benefits of avocados, as a freeze-dried powder ingredient in your favourite foods