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See OVĀVO provisional specification sheet.
Case study by New Nutrition Business on OVĀVO in their October 2021 edition 🥑
We are delighted to sponsor this report by international food & health trend experts New Nutrition Business. It spells out how powerfully avocado is connected to the most important growth trends in the food & beverage industry, and how the use of avocado ingredients in a wide range of innovative new products is starting to...
Did you know OVĀVO avocado powder has more potassium than a banana, and more iron than a sirloin steak? See how OVĀVO powder compares to other foods known for their high vitamin and mineral content.
There are a wide range of positive health benefits linked to avocado consumption.
See OVĀVO compositional and microbiological test results, independently verified by Assure Quality.
Avocados are an incredibly versatile complement to a wide range of ingredients – in taste, texture & functionality. Here are a list of foods that match well.
Avocado and chocolate. Health & decadence. Yum. Functional benefit of helping with creaminess and a softer texture.
Avocado enhances flavour and creaminess, as well as serving as an alternative plant-based fat substitution in hummus. Extends to sauces, dressings, and spreads (not just guacamole!).
Research into the incredible health benefits of avocado is increasing, which is feeding into media attention and consumer belief.  See how this compares to other mainstream superfoods.
Ideal ingredient for on-the-go drinks, full of healthy fats & fibre, with well known satiety benefit. Pairs well with chocolate, coffee, nuts, leafy greens, berries & fruit etc. Dairy or plant based.
The popularity of avocados as a fruit is well established. One of the most searched & posted foods on social media, praised for its many health benefits by health professionals, nutrition experts and lifestyle influencers.
Addition of avocado fat into tortillas and similar products aid in increasing product softness as it has a leavening effect at higher melting points. Also a good oil substitution. Extends to pita, naan, bread etc
Avocados tick the boxes of many of the major consumer growth trends within food, nutrition and health – trends which strongly influence sustainable product development. Download a report by New Nutrition business to see how these relate to the mega trends of 2021.
Avocado provides a plant-based alternative fat source, full of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, which extend well into cereal, snack bites and biscuits. Can also be used as a substitute to butter.
See OVĀVO product information form.
Global food & drink products being launched with avocado are on the rise. See why avocados are on track to become the next big superfood ingredient of the 21st century.
There are a number of nutrient content claims that can be made for OVĀVO freeze-dried avocado powder under FSANZ regulations, including dietary fibre, potassium, folate, vitamins B, C and E. Download white paper from Plant Food Research to learn more.
Avocado acts as an optimal fat substitution in ice cream (both dairy and non-dairy), providing a creamy texture, as well as helping improve melting rate. Also works well with yoghurt.
If you’re hungry for product innovation, loaded with nutritional value, from one of mother nature’s most loved and functional fruits, then you’ve come to the right place. Click here to download our OVĀVO sales flyer.