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Our Story

At OVĀVO, we’re on a journey to harness the goodness of avocado as an ingredient people will want, and story people will want to be part of.


OVĀVO avocados come from the northernmost tip of New Zealand, one of the most pristine and remote growing environments on the planet.

Our unique geology is surrounded by forest and idyllic beaches, bathed in sunlight and warm clean air from Ninety Mile Beach to our west and the Pacific Ocean to our east.

Our soils are rich in nutrients, and the pristine water and micro-climate lends itself to growing the highest quality Hass avocados.

Nature is the boss

Avocados are wonderfully complicated. With only three fruit from every thousand flowers, they are a miracle of nature. 

Everything needs to be in perfect harmony.

We are students of the process, devoted to growing these super fruit as mother nature intended.


Our people are down to earth sorts, who take great pride in growing & preparing food as it should be. The terroir of our land and our connection to it is expressed in the quality of our avocados.

Our Chilean Chief Orchardist (Claudia), has been growing avocados all her life. The trees are like her children.


OVĀVO powder is made from ‘process grade’ avocados – those that are too small or not pretty enough for retail sale – which accounts for 10% of all industry fruit. Perfectly delicious avocados that should not be going to waste. 

Of the produce that does make it to market, an estimated 30-40% ends up being thrown out due to spoilage. With an ambient shelf life of 12+ months, very few of our avocados go to waste.

Storage & transportation is also more environmentally friendly. Two tablespoons of OVĀVO powder has all the nutritional goodness of a whole avocado. 

Most importantly, the water we use to grow OVĀVO avocados isn’t at the expense of anyone – abundant from the sky and supplemented by pristine, self-replenishing water aquifers – avocados you can feel good about eating.

Products with ingredients to love. Learn more about how to use OVĀVO freeze-dried avocado powder in your NPD.