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Team & Experts


We are a small but passionate team, with all the relevant experience and expertise to bring the goodness of avocado to your product innovation.


OVĀVO Innovator



Avocado Whisperer

Jarrod Redwppd - Fruit Peddler

Jarrod Redwood

Fruit Peddler

Alistair Nicholson - Chief Avocado Officer

Alistair Nicholson

Chief Avocado Officer  

Our Expert Partners

We’ve partnered with industry leaders in manufacturing and distribution, along with some of the finest scientific minds to develop, market & sell the world’s purest freeze-dried avocado powder.

Our team of Account & Product managers are all qualified and experienced food technologists who can help and advice on product specifications, ingredient use, problem solving, labelling and regulatory requirements.

All the technical assistance to help take your product from concept to reality.

Fresh As 

Home of the World’s most Innovative Freeze Dried Ingredients from New Zealand. With over 15 years experience manufacturing freeze dried powder for the retail, restaurant and food industries, their world class systems and procedures ensure the highest quality and safety.


Over 30 years experience importing, marketing and distributing food and life science ingredients, focused on the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries across New Zealand and Australia.

Callaghan Innovation
New Zealand government agency specialising in near to market research and development into the application of bioprocessing to biologically-derived raw materials to make high value nutraceuticals, food ingredients and biopharmaceuticals.

Drummond Food Science Advisory
Expertise in bridging between science, commercialisation and working within an increasingly rigid regulatory environment. From strategic research and development planning & reviews, to product development programmes, health research and clinical trial management, science writing, patent development and expert defence, through to regulatory consultancy and health claim development globally.

Food Innovation Network
National network of science and technology resources providing facilities & expertise to develop new products & processes from idea to commercial success. Assisted with early stage manufacturing trials of freeze-dried avocado powder.

Massey University
Ranked in the top 15% of universities worldwide for Food Science & Technology, they have led a research project to identify which food groups & flavour combinations are best suited to freeze-dried avocado powder, developing a range of product prototypes, and researching powder functionality under different food processing systems.

Plant Food Research
New Zealand Crown Research Institute assisting with application & commercialisation of research based innovation within the horticultural, arable, seafood and food & beverage industries. Assistance researching options for making nutrient content and pre-approved health claims for the Freeze-Dried Hass Avocado Flesh Powder under FSANZ regulations.

NZ Trade and Enterprise
New Zealand’s economic development and trade promotion agency.  Offering strategic advice, access to networks and influencers, and research and market intelligence to help NZ businesses grow internationally.  and financial support to help NZ businesses grow internationally. A government agency charged with helping NZ businesses grow internationally.

New Nutrition Business
World leading source of case studies and consultancy on the business of food & drink. Help companies at all points in the value chain, from identifying the science, ingredients, consumer motivations, benefits and product formats, right through to optimal retail strategy and the messages on the label.

Massey University’s sensory professional team have helped conduct sensory & consumer insight focus groups on product prototypes developed using OVĀVO avocado powder.

Our people are down to earth sorts, who take great pride in growing & preparing food as it should be