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Product & Technical

If you are looking for technical, sensory or commercial guidance, or for more information about OVĀVO as an ingredient supplier, then you’re in the right place.


From the Northernmost tip of New Zealand, through continuous fruit quality monitoring and natural eco-friending growing methods, the quality and consistency of our avocados are world class. 

OVĀVO avocado powder is as close to nature as possible, retaining all the nutritional goodness of fresh avocado, while offering shelf stable convenience.


We’ve partnered with industry experts who have years of expertise in the manufacturing and distribution of freeze-dried powder.

OVĀVO product quality and claims are verified by independent food safety authorities to ensure the quality and efficacy of what we supply.


Our team of food scientists are on-hand to answer any questions you have about OVĀVO powder, or for help customising to your specific requirements in secondary processing.

technical and sensory

We know it’s difficult delivering recipe innovation that ticks all the boxes. So we work with leading science & research institutes to make your product development process as easy & efficient as possible.

Product prototypes developed by the Food Technology department at Massey University, to demonstrate OVĀVO powder functionality under different food processing systems.

Guidelines for using OVĀVO powder in secondary processing, including colour, flavour, texture, and tolerances.

Options for making nutritional claims for OVĀVO powder under FSANZ regulations, written by Plant Food Research.



Did you know OVĀVO avocado powder has more potassium than a banana, and more iron than a sirloin steak? See how OVĀVO powder compares to other foods known for their high vitamin and mineral content.

Curious to find out if OVĀVO avocado powder will work with your products?