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Avocados are an incredibly versatile complement to a wide range of ingredients: in taste, texture and functionality. OVĀVO FREEZE DRIED AVOCADO POWDER can be used in everything from sauces & spreads, to chocolate & ice-cream, in your morning smoothie, or as a healthy plant based substitute to butter in baking.

Have a go, here are a few recipes ideas to get you started:

Avocado Super Smoothie

Tortilla Wraps 

Muesli Bars

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Avocados are one of the most nutrient dense foods – the only fruit containing protein, carbohydrate, and fat – with a number of nutritional benefits:

✓ good source of dietary fibre
✓ source of niacin B3
✓ source of pantothenic acid B5
✓ good source of vitamin B6
✓ source of vitamin C
✓ source of vitamin E
✓ source of copper
✓ source of potassium
✓ good source of folate.

There are a wide range of positive health benefits linked to avocado consumption, including:

✓ Digestive health
✓ Brain and nervous system
✓ Energy & metabolism (including tiredness & fatigue)
✓ Joint health
✓ Growth & development in children
✓ Heart & circulation
✓ Immune function & inflammation
✓ Hormonal function
✓ Skin & eye health
✓ Cell & tissue growth
✓ Bone health
✓ Prevention of oxidative damage
✓ Weight management